About Me

I would describe myself as an sweet soul with a flair for adventure. You will find me aesthetically pleasing with soft blonde hair and dazzling blue eyes. This is all complimented by a glowing european beauty.


More than just a pretty face, I am also well-educated and a great conversationalist, able to hold my own on a wide range of subjects. I have learnt that personal growth requires constant evolution, I am always looking to explore the voluminous experiences that the world has to offer.


Affectionate and intuitive, I truly desire to make you feel that spending time with me is like a mini-vacation, an indulgent sanctuary from mundane routines. While I take all aspects of my work seriously, you will also find me to be a warm, engaging woman with a delightful sense of humour who loves to laugh and bring a touch of positivity where I go. 


So if you have already decided… allow me to be your muse. Our adventure awaits.






Name: Crystal Cross
Main City: Los Angeles, CA
Sex: Female
Body Type: Toned
Chest: 34D
Height: 5' 10"
Race/Ethnic: Caucasian
Age: 24
Eye Color: Blue





19th-21st: Sacramento, California

21st-22nd: Walnut Creek, California

23rd-24th: Santa Rosa, California

25th-27th: South San Francisco, California

27th-29th: Silicon Valley, California



8th-10th: Phoenix, Arizona

10th-12th: San Diego, California

12th-14th: Los Angeles, California

15th-17th: Orange County, California


Las Vegas is my home base. 

Im always available in Vegas besides while on tour or on days listed as "Unavailable"




Rate increase coming for all new clients beginning May 1st 2022. All existing client will be grandfatherd in at their current rates

1 HOUR - Introduction - 700 

90 MIN - Engagement - 1000

2 HOUR - Intimate Engagement - 1300

3 HOUR - Drinks at the Bar - 1800

4 HOUR - Dinner & Dessert - 2200

6 HOUR - Blissful evening - 3200

12 HOUR - Slumber Party - 5500

24 HOUR - A Day & Night - 7500

48 HOURS - Weekend fun - 10,000 

72 HOURS - Extended Weekend - 14,000 



When requesting an outcall, please note:

+$150 for travel up to 30-minutes.

+$300 for travel more than 30-minutes up to 1.5 hours.

+$450 travel of 1.5 hours up to 3 hours

3+ hours of travel, please email me. 

** All rendezvous  10 pm or later, require a $200 "Late" fee. **




Personal Video +$500

Permission must be obtained prior to our engagement

The Parthenon Tour +$500

This tour is available to return Suitors ONLY and requires 48-hour notice and a 2-hour minimum


In private: Please leave your donation on the counter upon arrival. 
In public: Please place the donation in a book, birthday card or any other creative discreet way- it’s never sexy to have to ask!  
For engagements 3 hours or longer a 20% deposit is required for all new clients via Cashapp.
Engagements 8 hours or longer require a 30% to 50% deposit depending on the location and duration.

I will arrive dressed tastefully and discreet.
If you have any requests (example; dress casual, no perfume, etc.) Please send me a message prior to our date. If you have a specific outfit in mind that I do not own, you are welcome to purchase it for me and I will happily wear it for our date.

Please understand that I may have other plans scheduled after our meeting. If you will be running late, I have a 5 minute grace period. Any additional time that you are late will come out of our session.

Hygiene is important to ensure an enjoyable date. Please prepare as if you are going on a date, meeting, or interview.
You are more than welcome to use the incall shower to freshen up!


While on tour (anywhere besides Las Vegas) I require one weeks notice for all cancellations or a fee is required. 


5-7 days: 25% of engagement

3-4 days: 50% of engagement

24-48 hours: 75% of engagement

Less than 24-hours: 100% of engagement



*If you ask any lewd or suggestive questions upon entering (e.g. What do I get for this fee?), the appointment will be immediately terminated and you will be promptly asked to leave.

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